Sunday, September 8, 2013

White, Christian

This book does have some SCARY REALITY but is COMPLETELY FICTION. It was originally written by author Christopher Stoddard. It tells the FICTIONAL tale of Christian White. A young gay youth living in San Francisco is trying to find a way out of his past. Throughout this book and the world he lives in, even being antagonist throughout it, you still can't help but hope for the best for this kid.

It starts while being home on Sunday in Connecticut, feeling his life was nowhere and watching TV, Christian seen an ad that changed his life. The ad was for 'The Academy Of Art College' in San Francisco. The school boasted an open admission policy, endless studies and locations throughout the city. Christian knew what he had to do.

With help from his sister, Christian applied for every job possible. He lies on his application, but gets hired as a food server. All locations near him were near The Castro. Christian's social life took off one night at a Pleasure Dove nightclub, where he met a spikey-haired guy around his age named Laurent. He was also met by a drug dealer named Pineapple. Christian didn't want to be rude to Pineapple about his offerings, being a polite Catholic boy. It had been a long time since Christian had previous drug ventures. It was Pineapple that offered Christian his first bump of Chrystal. Thanks to the drugs he had done in his life before, Christian wasn't feeling what he should have. He was eventually met w/ a bad high and had to be brought down by being given a Valium from a friend's dealer named Cale.

Christian joined Cale as he ran "errands" around the city. They got to know each other through conversations. While waiting in the car during a drug stop that Cale was in charge of, Christian realized he really did like this guy. Christian went w/ him while he also ran GENUINE errands in town. Christian fought to keep Cale, awake who was driving the car. But Christian was having his own trouble staying awake. Christian woke up from a hospital bed resulting in an accident. After sharing a giggle, Christian stares into Cale's blue eyes, ran a finger through his hair and received a kiss by Cale.

In addition to being an artist, Christian was also a poet. He had been writing ever since he ran away at 16-years of age. While having a quiet night at home w/ his roommate, Philly, Cale comes into Christian's residence and attention, which upsets Philly by his arrival. Christian has been putting his art supplies to good use. Dreaming of what he could do, having his work hang in an exhibit and more. To Christian's amazement, Philly's "sales" of himself have become more frequent. Thanks to changing his hours and turning tricks, he generously gives Christian some of the profits to support them both. All because of wanting to clean up the apartment they share, Christian & Philly COME TO BLOWS, which changes Christian's view of Philly, ending their friendship. Awhile later, Christian hears a knock on the door. It was the San Francisco Police. Philly had him arrested on assault pressing charges. No charges ACTUALLY come about because if one does, the other will too! After being instructed to apologize, they receive medical attention. After everyone leaves, Christian can/does clean the apartment. Not knowing what to do financially because of the roommate situation, a friend of Christian's, Mimi, suggests they steal a humongous painting from Mimi's apartment building that hangs in the lobby. Liking the idea, it makes Christian forget about the drama that happened earlier.

On Christian's 21ST birthday, he, Cale & Mimi celebrate his birthday 'Blow' style and drug fueled. Looking around, Christian feels he has everything he has ever wanted: a boyfriend who cares for him, Cale, a room full of friends and drugs. Getting older is beginning to scare him. He doesn't know how to grow older. Christian has his doubts considering Mimi's husband, Raymond's, hetero status and is suspicious about his sexual preference. The suspicions are brought on thanks to Raymond's poetry about distant people w/ something to hide. Christian recently found evidence that even further make the suspicions true. He feels it's wrong, even if it is true, to bring it up thanks to being wrong in the past.

After the birthday party, it makes Christian think ALOT about his own father. After doing his research, Christian finds out his dad is in a maximum security prison. He begins writing a letter getting EVERYTHING out he has EVER wanted to say. Christian begins to feel that Cale's drug business, even though it supports their household, is getting in the way of their relationship. It beings to annoy and REALLY PISS OFF Christian.

Christian feels he taking a backseat for just him & Cale to be together. When Cale goes to "deliver" for a friend, Topher, w/ Christian in tow, Topher, rudely insults Christian without Cale defending him - but joining in with him. (Asshole!) Cale & Topher partake into using a few drugs while Christian abides to their "weekends only" rule. Christian appoints his attention to the computer. Topher begins an argument. Topher wanted Christian & Cale to go ahead and stay they night. He only did that because Topher used to "date" Cale. Christian KEPT dying to leave. He/Christian KNOWS Cale is cheating on him (w/ Topher). Topher TRIES to persuade them both to stay the night. In frustration, Christian OFFICIALLY leaves w/ Cale following after him. After driving off in anger, Christian reaches his limit.

He takes the drugs from the car, pulls out the glass bottles containing the delivery. Cale has a look of anger, bewilderment & sadness on his face. Christian takes the bottles and SMASHES them on the pavement. The liquid drugs are all over the street. Christian feels clarity & remorse at the same time. Christian & Cale are broken up by the end of the night.

Christian's depression couldn't be worse at this point. He tried 2 bottles of O-T-C sleeping pills that accosted under $10.00 total to kill himself. He couldn't use Rx medicine because Cale wasn't around to supply them. (Cale is a supplier for most of the gay community and other dealers won't work w/ him if Cale isn't.) The total amount of sleeping pills are 80. Christian continues to take them just as his mom calls. He survives the next morning while physically suffering. Christian is more determined the next morning to end his life. He feels that Cale has taken away his time, his dignity, his pride & his security. In less than a year, Christian has become ENTIRELY dependent on Cale. As he takes the scissors and digs deep into his skin, he closes his eyes and allows the sleeping pills to take over and in effect.

In his mind, Christian thinks he's at death's door knocking when there truly was one at the front door. He goes to answer it, covering up w/ a towel what he just did and covering up the mess. His guests, Mimi & Sean, were at the door bringing stuff over to help him out. Christian is overcome and sobs. It was Mimi & Sean who tries to comfort him. Christian rejects Mimi. As this draws to a close, Christian is advised to eat & clean up. Christian is an EMOTIONAL wreck at losing Cale. He turns to Mimi for answers, who hides behind the house cleaning. When it's over, Mimi told him to call if he needed anything. Later that night, it TRULY hits Christian that it REALLY is OVER w/ Cale.

After his lease expires and he needs a place to stay, Christian had to choose: Call Cale or call his mom. After a few weeks of no contact, he called Cale and asked to stay w/ him and Cale's new boyfriend, Martin. They have a HUGE loft w/ a spare bedroom. It was Cale who suggested and brought up Christian's moving in. One room would be on the first floor, another room would be on the second upstairs. Their entire apartment is a catch to be raided. The safe is filled w/ drugs and thousands of dollars in Christian's bedroom closet. In between breaks, Christian has glimpses of his father w/ cops at hand nearby. He feels them looking at him from a few yards away. They make a connection. Christian wishes his dad would arrest him just to save & feed him from his environment.

Christian's only escape is the small trips to the sink to refill his water bottle and use the bathroom. All of a sudden, thanks to the situation at hand, Christian becomes livid. After scanning the living room and seeing Martin on the balcony smoking a cigarette, Christian is up the stairs to Cale's bedroom where Cale's half asleep. Christian jumps on top of Cale. He swings and punches Cale while he is crying, weak & starving. Martin runs upstairs and Cale rises furiously. Cale pushes Christian off of him where Christian falls back to the top of the staircase where his head knocks against the railing. Cale picks up a wooden bat and holds it over his head. He pauses and listens to Christian, who argues his case. Ignoring him, Christian is hit w/ the bat brutally grazing the side of his nose w/ blood pouring. Soon Christian & Cale are both on the floor crying. They give a hug. Martin becomes jealous on the way things ended differently than he would've liked between Christian & Cale. Instead of Christian being gone from the picture, Cale gives him $10.00 to go eat.

Christian moves into an apartment that is smaller than the one he had before. After promising he'd find a job, Christian got his mom to co-sign a lease for him. Cale paid him a lump sum of $5,000 after what happened at the loft. Now comes a means to support himself. The $5,000 went to rent, deposit, food and some luxuries. Christian has gone on genuine job interviews trying to do things right.

 Christian contacted his father in prison and he replied w/ a letter and a photo. He noticed some of the similarities between his dad and himself. In his dad's letter of response, he explains that he KNEW of Christian's sexuality. He tells of the past and his addictions. He makes NO EXCUSES and owns up to his past-present. Extending his DEEPEST REGRET and NOT being there when Christian lost his brother. Christian doesn't accept his father's apology or his life change. (Why now?) Christian remembers WAY more differently than his father describes. What he remembers now is his own memory of his dad. Either way, Christian has to be reunited w/ his past.

Poetry becomes a new escape for Christian. It's less trouble than abusing drugs and not just as fun. He's been trying to ease off the partying. He would rather spend the night reading to himself or draw another poem out of him. For entertainment, Christian sees more fun at a poetry night at the Justice League instead of partying. He keeps up w/ it at the Justice League. He's feeling more confident and has been COMPLETELY sober for 2 weeks. The next thing you know Christian is w/ a friend, Sean, who manages to steal 4 lame DVDs from Blockbuster. The TRUE cause for being there at the store is for that reason. Later that afternoon, after Christian is home & falls asleep, he's awakened by Sean calling is phone. He states he's coming over. Christian wants him to bring the DVDs. Forget that. Sean informs Christian of a raid going on at his present residence w/ all of his "merchandise" there. While at Christian's, Sean informs him he will stay w/ someone else. Sean is getting rid of his phone and is getting a brand new one. He will call Christian and inform him of details later.

When the time comes and it's clear, Topher and Christian have been staking Sean's apartment. When they make their move to enter the residence, they elevate to the 10TH floor. Topher, who has keys to the place, warns Christian to KEEP QUIET. The house is already ransacked. They make their way to Sean's room. They pack and take what the police didn't: designer clothes and stuff them into containers. When they're done and they exit, they go to Topher's apartment and unload w/ Sean waiting there to assist them.

Topher called his own lawyer after hearing the police were looking for Sean. The lawyer said there were warrants out for him/Sean in connection w/ identity theft, mail theft & check fraud. The apartment itself was leased under a false name. They paid the first month's rent & deposit w/ a check from a major Chicago bank. Sean's fears of prison caused him to take the fugitive route. He planned on venturing to L.A. to stay w/ friends until this entirely blows over. But, the chances of this going away are slim-to-none.

The police are going after Topher next. He had been on their radar because of him picking up online order shipments of concentrated G.H.B. Police have been following him back & forth on drug runs & pick-ups, until the raiding of his Topher's own residence. Topher's parents DON'T KNOW A THING about ANY of his illegal activities. His bail was set at $30,000. Sean got what he could by calling in all of his owes & dues. Christian brought the bail money to the bondsman, only to find out there were new charges, meaning a raised bail. That was when Topher OFFICIALLY called his parents. Christian left the money w/ Cale for safekeeping. Christian is experiencing an affliction. He used to roam around the city high or whatever he chose. Now he's TERRIFIED! They have all been eating dessert w/o dinner and now everyone can see that.

Christian gets word to others that he and a friend, Laurent, have been in an accident. Christian acknowledges that it wouldn't have happened in a vain attempt to be cool. As this happens, Christian receives word from Topher. He/Topher is trying to tell a laughing non-stop Christian that he & Sean were arrested. He/Topher tells him the details of what happened. When Christian arrives, Topher is glad to be out of jail. He tells Christian he was in a single cell because of his sexuality. Because of being evicted from his residence, Topher states he is moving back to Colorado until things are settled. Christian thinks that Taylor is just running away, until he hears Topher crying over the phone. Christian KNOWS that Topher is STRAIGHT & SOBER in order to be able to express such emotion. The news effects Christian hard and bad enough to go home to Connecticut.

After selling his furniture and DVDs to get the money, Christian used it on the plane ride home. He had been felling weak lately since he stopped using Crystal. Going through withdrawal, Christian can feel his body going the symptoms. When the train reaches it's destination, Christian's mother is there to meet & pick up her son. His mother is a fright at his frail appearance. Weighing less than 100lbs, Christian tells his mom that he's fine and it's just that ALOT an happen in the span of 2 years.

Looking in the rearview mirror of the car has made Christian temporarily deaf at the sight of his father staring at him. IMMEDIATELY thinking of the treatment he had received from him before. He has a physical reaction to where his mother had to pull over. She thinks it has to do w/ his life before coming home. Christian wakes up in the middle of the night only to find his mother standing over him. Bible in hand which WAKES him up. Because of the appearance of his weight, she thinks he's still on drugs when he's TRULY sober. She is soon convulsing and "trying" to get the drugs out of him. She is collapsing on the floor into the fetal position w/ her Bible at hand. She eventually stands up straight, looks Christian DEAD IN THE EYE and says the MOST AWFUL REGRETTABLE thing NO MOTHER SHOULD EVER say.

Christian takes a quiet step in disbelief of what he just heard from his own mother. He is just quiet . . . . she is soon limp on his bed into tears. She stands up and is wobbly while her son is getting dressed w/ his shoes on. Tossing his backpack over him, he kisses her on the forehead. He passes his sister on the way out. They look at one another, saying ALOT without a word spoken. With that, Christian walks away from his family.

As Christian narrowly tries to escape on a train, he gets on without a ticket. When the conductor does checks, he sees Christian doesn't have one. Right before Christian is thrown off the train, he is SAVED by an older businessman who pays for him. In speaking, in extending conversation, this guy's name is Patrick Cullen. He offers Christian a bite to eat. Patrick may be a big businessman, but is still humble enough to ride the train. Patrick takes him to a trendy French restaurant to eat. Christian wonders this guy's motives due to NEVER receiving such nice treatment?

When Christian SEES he is just a nice guy who reminds this guy of someone from his own past, an uncomfortable silence comes upon the table. After Christian eventually takes up the offer on the room at the Hilton this guy already paid for, it would have been a business expense for the business man. He checks his watch and offers to take Christian to dinner. Why? For a minute, Christian can see this guy as a younger self from years ago. Christian agrees to dinner. After he pays he bill and walks away, Christian GRATEFULLY thanks him.

Christian goes back into what happened, how it felt and what it was like for him to have had to pull his VERY FIRST trick. Every time he closed his eyes while "pleasuring" this guy, Patrick, a sinister looking image of his dad would flash in his/Christian's head. Wondering what that was about? It seemed as though Christian's first trick was someone in the midst of a deep homosexual panic. He is working at a Bank. He is living in a living room of a six-floor walk-up, one bedroom that he sublets from a woman, Angela A.K.A. "Gellly". Christian goes into telling the story of what it was and why in his past, he was weary of the NICE older businessman from earlier. What happened in his past proved right as the first man that was nice to him seemed to have made Christian into a victim of sexual assault after Christian is violently punched in the face and is blacked out.

When Christian wakes up on a street corner on his right side; his arm is reached out it's far, he's shirtless & covered in small cuts & bruises. NO ONE is around or near in sight. Overwhelmed in desperation, Christian is crying out of frustration. He screams out for no one to hear. Pulling back to rest a minute, Christian sits and sobs. All of this right now being a dream while still lying on the street. Christian's dream consists of his dad being even worse to him. The weight on his ass makes Christian continue laying down at the place he calls a bed because the weight is causing EXCRUCIATING pain. Christian remembers bits & pieces before he was knocked out the night of the assault. Tears cover his face. That is when he occurs the leftover damage. His T-shirt is torn. His ass feels like needles stabbing him. A wad of cash is sticking out of his back pocket. With trembling hands, Christian asses his chest - nothing, but he has welts & bruises covering his back. He has avoided his face for as long as possible, but no longer can. His eyes are bloodshot. He has a cut on his right eyebrow. He has a shiner under his left eye. Christian ponders what to do though assessing the situation.

Three days later, Christian tells Gelly his damages were a result from a mugging. He tells the doctor at the walk-in clinic the same story. He gets antibiotics & painkillers for the injuries to his torso. They all bought his story. He goes back to work. He goes to read the newspaper and stumbles upon the architect murder. He begins to have a panic attack. He races to the bathroom and vomits. He covers up by saying it was food poisoning. Christian tries to fix his appearance as he heads back to his desk. That is when the newspapers are anew w/ the murder of 75-yr-old, Juan Carlos, the man who brutally raped Christian and made him black out. No details on EXACTLY what happened. Just the usual "if you have . . . ." Christian attends the billionaire businessman's funeral. He doesn't pray, but instead struggles to remember what happened the night of his death. Christian MENTALLY remembers what EXACTLY happened the night of the rape. He impulsively passes out. He remembers the source(s) of how his pain came the morning after the assault.

In his first Manhattan apartment, Gelly gave Christian to weeks notice after the Juan Carlos "servicing", that wont remind Christian of what he already does, that he had to find a new place to live. He settles on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and catches the second half of 'Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead'. As bad as the movie is, Christian has always appreciated the magnitude of Christina Applegate's character, Sue Ellen Crandle. In the evening, all he can think of his how freedom has left him behind to sulk in the loneliness of well-known company. As he falls asleep, Christian receives a call from a federal prison. It's from Sean. Sean asked Christian if he/ Christian remembers Pineapple, the drug dealer he used to hang out with? Sean informs Christian that Pineapple has AIDS. It became sad & liberating for Sean & Christian at the same time to have a mutual friend w/ worse problems.

To combat his time and make money to pay the rent, Christian sought work as a prostitute. He's been more careful w/ an ad posted online and began screening people. The only thing that makes him sad about this entire thing is that he feels NOTHING, even that's hard for Christian because he already feels NOTHING. Since Juan Carlos attacked him, all Christian has wanted is a sense of emotion, something to feel good about - something at all. The thing is that Christian KNOWS what he's doing and how he's gotten to his situations. He states "he's NOT a victim". He does what he has to do. After finishing the job w/ his trick and making what he needed to in order to survive, Christian just goes home.

As Christian has gotten older, he has defined the differences between "a trick" and "a date". He has been using drugs less often and has been more selective w/ his "choices" of "dates" using Craigslist. Nicki texts him around midnight weary of a party. Christian accepts the invitation and speeds getting there by a cab service. The evening almost turns to become as dangerous as the Juan Carlos rape. Christian manages to escape before things were to have worsened when Christian is looking at Nick and he is stuck in a situation w/ 2 pseudo-straight men. If it wasn't for Nick knocking on the door at that moment interrupting the other side, Christian would have been through it all over again.

Aside from last night's almost re-lived incident, aside from a gushing bloody nose, Christian is surprised he's not worse than he is. His brother, Andrew, died when he/Christian was 16. It was his sister, Michelle's, 9TH birthday and Christian was 14 at the time. He always wanted to hang out w/ Andrew and his friends. They may not have been the best of friends, but Christian loved and wanted to be in his brothers' company. Now that he's older, Christian is finding life harder without him.

He then goes into the events surrounding the death of his brother: Christian was watching TV and playing original Nintendo. Michelle was outside playing Barbie w/ friends in the driveway. Their mom was out shopping for the birthday party and their step-dad was mowing the lawn. Christian received a call from the elementary school teacher letting them know a teenage boy had been hit by a car in front of their house. The boy had NO I.D. on him and the driver didn't recognize his face. Michelle's birthday party began around 7P. Their mom was upset Andrew still wasn't home. She grew angrier as the night wore on. As 10P came, anger shifted to worry. She began to completely zone out from the birthday party. She KNEW something was wrong w/ Andrew. All of a sudden, Christian remembered & brought up the phone call from the teacher. Their mom FLEW over to the phone book calling hospitals for info. After finding the actual location of her son, she RAN & LEFT.

She blamed Christian that it was all his fault. He had the info all day and didn't say anything. She sent him to his room and angrily couldn't look at him. Christian began crying. He fell into a dazed sleep. After being gently - but firmly woken up by his step-dad, his mom was weeping, Christian heard the news he dreaded hearing. When the family returned from identifying him - Andrew was dead. Christian was no longer a boy that night. Andrew died from a hit-and-run. Police didn't have any leads as to who killed Andrew, but Christian knew who did it: It was him. After Andrew's death, their mom went to mass every day and would make Christian aware of his sins. She soon began calling her own son HORRIBLY HATEFUL SLURS. That was when Christian OFFICIALLY ran away from home in his junior year.

Before running away, while living at home, things progressed worse after that including a hit-and-run that led to Christian having an arrest record. He went to night school to get his high school diploma with honors. He worked as a cashier at a grocery store. His weekends went from raves to gay clubs in another town. That was when cocaine became Christian's drug of choice. His mom's language & religious fanaticism worsened. His stepfather eventually left his mom due to her choices. Michelle, at this time, excelled in school. The truce between Christian and his mom ended oddly enough thanks to her HORRIBLE & DEGRADING language.

When Michelle picks Christian up from the train station, the first place they visit is (An)drew's grave. It is COMPLETELY POURING rain outside when they arrive, but soon calms down to being very light. Talking at the cemetery becomes a confrontation that leads to a small physical fight. Michelle begins sobbing and collapses. Christian runs to hug and comfort his sister. Promising to help out and be around more. They never actually do make it to Andrew's grave due to closing time at the cemetery.

Christian is with the police to tell what he knows about the Juan Carlos murder, but is quiet & held back about his information. The police now think Christian is there solely to cash in on their reward money of the whereabouts. One of the things Christian feared most is becoming his father. He is terrified of the looks on his family's faces when truth comes out of what he's become: an addict, a whore & a murderer. Soon, everyone will know.

Christian is soon on a "date" w/ a guy, Hartley, at a Japanese restaurant. He is staring at the decor and upkeep of the restaurant. After eating, Christian can taste Hartley's meal after a kiss. One thing leads to another. And Christian is paid for his "services" and is then taken back home. Other stories persist of different "tricks".

Christian then goes into what could be described as sexual abuse w/ him, (An)Drew & their own dad when they were both toddlers. His past comes to him in daydreams, like nightmares, he hasn't had since childhood. Christian soon has an epiphany: HE CANNOT KEEP THIS UP selling himself OVER & OVER again. It's time to let his father go. It's time to let Andrew go. It's time to turn himself in on what he knows about Juan Carlos' death. When he is being questioned, Christian is interrogated by a repeat customer of his, someone who is supposed to quiet on the 'low. Christian rehashes the story of meeting Juan, the rape & passing out. Christian doesn't remember murdering him because he didn't. Accusations were soon flying over what truly happened. Due to the holes in the facts, Christian is arrested for the murder of Juan Carlos.

Christian's dad was arrested & convicted of First Degree Murder exactly one month before his 7TH birthday. Their mom divorced him 6 months prior to his arrest. When their dad wasn't sexually abusing Drew or Christian, he was either abusing their mom or selling drugs. Christian's memories of his dad would come & go. At times he missed him. Other times he feared his return. Christian, his mom & Andrew were constant outlets for their dad's rage. Christian goes into the story of the murder his dad committed.

The media is swarming around the case because of Juan Carlos' family fame. Christian's mom got an old family friend to help w/ her son's defense. Outside of this case, in other news: Michelle's pregnant. She practically changed overnight. After their argument at the cemetery, Michelle misconstrued the promise to come home. When Christian didn't come, she acted out by being promiscuous w/ half the members of a local gang. Now she's 2 months pregnant. Michelle refuses to talk to her brother. Their mom offered to post his bail if Christian agreed to spend time off trial at home. He refused. His next hearing was 2 weeks away. At the arraignment, Christian pleaded NOT GUILTY to the charge of voluntary manslaughter and NO CONTEST to the charge of prostitution.

Prior to a week's time, Christian shared a cell w/ a 50-year-old man who attacked him for Christian's refusal to blow him. He was moved to a single cell after that. Christian then goes into detailing the events of his brother's funeral. It was in the middle of October when Christian went to jail and now it's almost Thanksgiving. Christian's savior, Stacey Kim, a 20-yr-old Korean from New York, had walked the same streets as Christian. Stacey tells a tale similarly exact to the Juan Carlos story that Christian experienced. Only Stacy suffered w/ a pair of pliers and a bowling pin. Stacy actually managed to fight back Juan Carlos. Juan managed to successfully shoot drugs into Stacy's arm. ALL OF THIS BEING CONDUCTED ON THE EXACT SAME NIGHT!! Right before Christian was attacked & raped by Juan. During his/Christian's blackout, Juan does the same thing again to Stacy.

During Christian's blackout state, Stacy emerged. Juan was caught off-guard by Stacy during Christian's assault. Stacy KNOCKED Juan OUT. He untied Christian and shook him awake. Stacy tied Juan to the bed frame and his ankles to the front posts. He escorted Christian downstairs, hailed him a cab and seen he got home. When Stacy got back upstairs after helping Christian, Juan was conscious and struggling against his will. Juan pleaded as Stacy stabbed him in the chest, beat him & severed his arms. Right after the murder, Stacy hitchhiked home to Albany. For the next 6 months, Stacy pretended his life in New York never happened.  It was on his way to work that Stacy heard of the Juan Carlos murder in the media.

Stacy heard of Christian going down and being tried for the murder. For the next couple of weeks, Stacy punished himself w/ CONSTANT drinking and coming home drunk. When his mom, Mrs. Kim, confronted her son, what started as a screaming match led to him telling his mom EVERYTHING from his prostitution to the admitted murder. Two days later, Stacy turned himself in and the charges against Christian were dropped.

Upon his release, Christian is asked out by a kind prison guard. The guard can tell Christian needs a night out. The guard, Gal, is out - but not at work. (Understandable!) Christian sees this guy has NO semblance of his dad and accepts a date. When Christian's mom & sister come to get him, he can see a look of HELL! on his mom's face. He interns expects fears, but receives joy. Christian wonders about his mom and her religious necklace she always has? She thought it was time for a change. She spent too much time w/ religious figures. She reaches to passionately hug her son. She DOES ACCEPT Christian for who he is. When she thought she would LOSE her son, she panicked.

They all do love each other as a happy family. Michelle revealed the baby she had was aborted. She is attending Harvard. They all exit the premises of Harvard  . . . . FREE! (Their mom is free, their sister is baby free & Christian is FREE.) As they leave, Christian sees Gal's eyes long for him. Just as Cale's once did. Their mom no longer attends church as long as she has her Zoloft Rx she's A-O.K. Michelle is on the dean's list at Harvard. Stacy Kim was sentenced to 25yrs in prison for the murder. Christian and Michelle speak 2-to-3 times a week. He & the family take the courageous steps and Christian FINALLY confronts his dad after all these years and what ALL he has been through. After it's ALL DONE & OVER, Christian can move on feeling better.When it's all over, walking out of the prison, Christian KNOWS he NEVER has to deal w/ his dad AGAIN!


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