Friday, July 31, 2015

Complete Poems Of Robert Frost

This book is a collective art of 3 of this ICONIC poet's book all-into-one. From his work of Collective Poems in 1939 and 2 volumes of work that were later published A Witness Tree and Steeple Bush as well as several new ones. From the ICONIC poet, this is the work of Robert Frost.

It's not so much of how/what is said, but the ESSENTIAL MEANING of what was. CONTEXT. Beginning in delight and ending in WISDOM. Taking you through the high & low of it, but ending with a result. KNOWLEDGE, WIT & ART IS POWERFUL! Like a piece of ice on a hot stove, the poem must ride its own melting. Reading it 100 times and poetry will still have its freshness. Never losing its sense of MEANING once unfolded by surprise.

This is a quote that helped me best understand the meaning of what Robert was saying, from the film The Thing Called Love by the character Lucy (played by K. T. Olsin).
"Country music tries its best to be honest with itself. When it's sad, it says it's sad."

For those of you that KNOW Mr. (Robert) Frost's work, this book is REMARKABLE!

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