Monday, February 29, 2016

(The) Basic Writings Of Nietzche

This next book is one that is a gift of literature. One that is written by a good philospoher & writer. This book is a true collection of the ENTIRETY of his bodies of work. For anyone who is a fan of his work, this book is for you. So, here it is: Basic Writings Of Nietzsche (Friedrich Nietzsche).

Whatever conclusions one may reach in the end about Nietzche's political thinking, it calls for the distinct separation of an elite and the masses. EVERYONE, it doesn't matter who you are, have struggled over his legacy for a century or more. Sometimes affecting their outlook on life. Whether you're controversial or not, Nietsche's work has been at the mercy of ideologists of all stripes. His thought has been particularly susceptible to often envenomed controversies, generated incompatible claims about the influence of that thought not only on recent philosophy, but also, and more portentously on recent politics,

While some prove controversial, there are also some that show great spirit, Depending on the work and how others view it.

See it this way, as any artist, while some may see one point of intelligence, another may have a completely different perspective!

This book contains 5 of Nietzche's major works, complete, as well as 75 aphorisms from his 5 aphoristic books. Nietzche is one of the few philosophers since Plato whom large amounts read for pleasure. In sum, this edition is designed for serious study & thinking, as well as enjoyment. Books included are: The Birth Of Tragedy; Seventy-Five Aphorisms From Five Volumes; Beyond Good & Evil; On The Genealogy Of Morals; The Case Of Wagner & Ecc Homo.

            All forms of Friedrick Nietsche's bodies of work held within this one book!

"In order to fly, one must learn to stand and walk. One cannot fly into flying."  - Nietzsche/Eddie Murphy (Akeem - Coming To America)

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