Saturday, December 31, 2016

End Of 2016

To those whom read, follow or check out my blog, I just wanted to send out a thank you for what you've read and/or commented on. It is TRULY VALUED & APPRECIATED! I just wanted to say that this 2016 year hasn't always been the best, but I have tried to keep up the basis of books that I hope others view exciting as well. I hope those that do read and/or follow my blog will continue to check this out within this new 2017 year and I will concede to educate with stories and lives of people whom have influenced me as I hope they influence you.

Thank You for checking out and/or following this blog. More will be shown and read soon. Hope you will check this out for the new year.

I would like to dedicate this year's blog in HONOR of 2 LEGENDS. Ones that have TRULY enriched & influenced my life. Thank You to these ICONS in more ways than one.

                                       In the Honors Of Carrie Frances Fisher and 
                              her beloved mother, Mary Francis "Debbie" Reynolds

   Mary Francis "Debbie" Reynolds


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