Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Honky Tonk Girl: My Life In Lyrics

This book is one that, while closing out the 2015 year in this blog, is a TREASURE from a TRUE ICONIC LEGEND. A TREASURE for any fan of this Honky-Tonk Girl. The ORIGINAL Coal Miner's Daughter, Loretta Lynn. While this is a songbook, it's MUCH MORE THAN THAT! While giving the lyrics of ICONIC songs in country music; but the backstory as to how inspiration came to LIFE! with full lyrics in tow. A biography written in song.

From classics and hard-core truth, to collaborations that made a monument throughout time. Bringing and Keeping memories ALIVE! This book is one that, when reading it, can & does bring memories flooding, and sometimes literally bringing a tear. No matter on numerical age; these collaborations & lyrics withstand the test of time. Sometimes giving a TRUTH behind what is/was otherwise inclined to believe behind the song.

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