Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Carpets And Other Banana Skins

This next book is one that I have just recently started. It's by the actor Rupert Everett. It's about his life growing up in England and his career in Hollywood. Now, I will admit that I am NOT finished with it.

I started shortly after reading Stephen Baldwin. Not to say anything bad about the book. Although it is a rather large book. I thought reading it would be a fun venture. But with each turn of the page, I find it REALLY HARD to keep the excitement and stay awake while reading. Not to say anything bad about the book. I don't find it boring. I just think it would be a better suiting for someone else.

A while back say a year ago, I found the same type of enthusiasm with another book. This time it was 'Audition' by Barbara Walters. Now, it wasn't a snore but it was hard for me to capture and get into these pieces of literature. But then again it also didn't help for the author to CONSISTENTLY plug this book ENDLESSLY on her daytime program 'The View'.

So to put an end to both of them:

I found them to be DULL and I DID NOT really like them.

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